Issues Logging In (Hitdan)

"I accidentally signed up to Globot with a VPN on and i have lost access to that ip so i can no longer use or login to Globot. I also have lost access to the forums as shown here" because i tried to login to Globot using my actual IP. ," said by Hitdan. Hitdan's discord can be found at Danny#3731 
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Hello, Curatorr,

    After reviewing your situation further more we have determined that the issue with your forum accounts constantly being "not found" or "error" is an ISP issue. There is nothing in our power that can fix that issue, that is a problem you'll have to talk to with your internet service provider. I am very sorry that there is nothing we can do but we hope you can get that resolved! If you have any more questions, please contact us on our discord.

Discord: BoomerdeBeast#9035

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