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Hey guys, 

Due to work commitments I have been away for a while and let this project die a little bit. I am back and for the past 2 days I have redesigned the GUI framework so that it can be designed from JSON, as I am terrible with graphics I have developed this tool to build custom menus and GUIs which can be used for any application, plugin or cheat.

Here is an example of how a menu could be designed:
[Image: 96fb32c09c3abb9dde6f80206f415b21.png]
To use it download the .zip I have included, it includes a menu.JSON file and an appliation.exe file. Open the .exe and it will generate a menu based on the JSON file.


The framework at the moment allows for adding checkboxes, tabs, sub tabs, sliders, drop downboxes, menuboxes and key boxes. I have most likely forgotten some essential components and will add those over time. 

Application usage
"name":[ "c", value, x, y, safety, OVERRIDE w, OVERWIDE h ],
Will generate a checkbox with name = "name", default value = value, x being the location from the left edge, y being the location from the top, safety is between 0-5 meaning how legit this feature is with 0 being perfectly human. 
w and h are optional features to change the size of the checkbox.

Single slider
"name": [ "s", intslider, value, min, max, x, y, safety, OVERLOAD w, OVERLOAD h ]

Double slider
"name": [ "v", intslider, value1, value2, min, max, x, y, safety, OVERLOAD w, OVERLOAD h  ]

Key box
"name": [ "k", keyid, x, y ]

Drop down box
"name": [ "d", index, x, y, safety, [options]]

Menu box
"name": [ "m", w, h, x, y ]

A complete example of a menu design is out lined below.

I am after 2 things,
1) A good menu designed to use for the mc cheat with all the desired features
2) Feedback on usability / friendliness / bugs / issues with the tool and creating menus
3) To create a JS canvas function which does the same

Thanks guys