Things I noticed

First of all Hey Jake nice to see you back. So I decided to get on and test for certain things and discovered some new things some of which weren't a prob before

1) when you are typing in the login details if you type too fast sometimes it misses some letters (and yes I know human error can be a factor and I tried 10 times and it didn't work but when I type it really painfully slow it works) *NOTE* This could be a problem only on my computer

2) Random moments when you can't control Minecraft which include no button registration (meaning when I press w I don't walk forward or cant press ESC to go to pause menu)
2.1) occurs when you self destruct or when you change settings( second of these occurs less frequently)

hopefully, these can be fixed!!

Hello Joker,

We are currently aware of the issue and it will be fixed once the cheat is updated since it's been having maintenance.

I am sorry for the inconvenience and hope you understand!


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