Making AntiCheats irrelevant since 2019.

GloBot doesn't offer a hundred hacks that doesn't work, Instead we offer multiple hacks that can bypass Paladin and server anticheats. GloBot also offers you unique modifications never seen on any other client modification.

GloBot was coded with C++ to ensure undetectabillity. GloBot works with any current versions of Minecraft, and is compatible with any modded client including: BadLion, LabyMod, Lunar Client and much more.



A mode in our hack that will only allow you to use non-malicious hacks that will simulate a very skilled player.

When using legit mode, it is impossible for a server anticheat to detect as well as staff on any server. Legit mode brings you a customizable autoclicker, aimbot, bowbot and movement hacks: which even includes w tap and block hit for 1.8 style pvp.



Legitness has left the chat

Our malicious hacks are the basics, but with a "slight" touch of motherly love in our customization menu. You can do 10 block steps as you please, fly when others must walk, become a speed demon and much more. As well if an administrator screen shares you just press the beautiful kill button baby and the hack is deleted - gone off your computer! Even a thorough paladin screen share can not detect it! "[11:45:23] PM Administrator has joined the server" "[11:45:24] PM GloBot has left the server"



We guarantee that these features are present within our client.


We bypass the best screenshare tools such as Paladin and Azran, and will be consistently monitored by our developers to stay undetected.


We put layers of encryption on our database to make sure that your data stays safe.


Our cheat has lots of modules, and are highly customizable to your needs.

Remote Control

You can control the settings of your cheat from anywhere you want through the website using remote control technology.

Customer Support

We offer 24 hour support, if you have a question feel free to ask on our forums and a team member will assist you as soon as they can.

Consistent Updates

We make sure our cheat stays up to date to fit our community's standards!